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The international photo competition is organized by the Lumieres du Canigou association and is open to anyone except the jury members.

A selection of the 25 best pictures from each category will be exhibited in Vernet-les-Bains during the 1st International Festival of wildlife and landscape photography in October 2004.



Amateur or professional photographers of any age and nationality. The members of the jury cannot participate in the competition.
Entry Fees: 5 € (members of the "Lumières du Canigou" association)
15 € for non-members


-Wildlife (mammals, birds or insectes in their naturel environment)
-Landscapes (wild places of the world)
-Regional picture (best picture taken in the "Pyrénées Catalanes nature park")

Domestic animals (dogs, cats, farm animals etc.) and any animals photographed in captivity are not eligible subjects and will not be accepted.

PS! Participants can enter up to 3 pictures in each category. No picture may be entered in more than one category.


Entries must be photographic prints: 20 x 30 cm color or black & white print (we do not accept any other format).
Digital images (CD or disquette) and digitally manipulated images are not accepted.

There must be the following inscriptions on each photograph:
- Name and Address
- Category number
- Description (when and where the picture were taken)
- Title



Entries and fees must be sent to the competition office by wednesday 1 October , 2004. Entries sent from outside France will be accepted up to seven days after the closing date (5 October, 2004)


The judges will be appointed by the "Lumières du Canigoui" association and consist in 7 members. They will all meet in mid-october 2004, to choose the winners and the 25 best pictures from each categories.


The winners will be notified in mid-october 2004 and the results will be published in the local media soon after.


Entry fees must be paid by a Euro(€) cheque made payable to "Lumières du Canigou"
Entry Fees: 5 € (members of the "Lumières du Canigou" association)
15 € for non-members


The pictures can only be awarded one time. Any pictures that has won a prize in other competitions are not eligible for entry. The competition gives 3 award prizes in the following categories:

-Award for the best wildlife picture

-Award for the best landscape picture
-Award for the best regional picture (taken within the "Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes)

The awards will be announced and given to the winners during the festival. The prizes cannot be returned.

The association "Lumières du Canigou" will not be held responsable for any annulations or award prizes.


The entries must be send to the following address:

Lumières du Canigou
Mairie de Vernet-les-Bains
Place de l¹entente cordiale
66820 Vernet-les-Bains (France)

The photographs will only be returned, if photographers enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and entry fee of 15 € (5 € members). If not, the photographs will be left with the "Lumières du Canigou" association.

Entries will be returned between November 2004 and January 2005.

The winners accept to give the organisers ("Lumières du Canigou") the right to free reproduction and exhibition during one year (2005) in all media (including publicity) for this competition and the exhibition.

The association "Lumières du Canigou" cannot accept liability for any loss or damage of any pictures entered in the competition. All prints are sent at the photographers risk.

PS! Make sure you enclose a complete entry form (signed), registration fee, addressed envelope with stamps for returning your entry together with your prints!